On-Going: Exercise Class/Technique 

This On-Going Exercise/Technique class meets once a week for three hours. Every student works every class.

Michael provides a safe, supportive environment and guides each actor through exercises that are 100 percent focused on developing their ability to follow impulses, express themselves fully and live moment to moment. The main reason most actors are not able to follow impulses, express themselves fully and live in the moment is because they are NOT connected to their body. Michael helps each actor develop tools and skills to develop a healthy mind/body relationship so that actors can be in their bodies, which allows them to be more present and aware. Presence and awareness allow each actor to begin the process of feeling and experience their emotions and following impulses. When an actor is able to feel and experience their emotions and be able to feel and follow impulses they will be able to be in the moment. Once and actor is able to be in the moment, then the fun begins!

Michael does not subscribe or teach a specific technique. He helps actors develop their own individual approach to their work using intelligence and insight they have gained over the years about human behavior and their own personal knowledge of themselves. Michael would encourage all actors to run very quickly from any teacher who is claiming to teach an approach or technique that has someone’s name attached to it. Once an actor is connected to their body and their emotions and able to feel and follow impulses, they are ready for scene work. Michael is an actor himself and he understands the process to becoming present to one’s self. He also understands it is a journey that needs guidance and patience.

With more than 20 years experience as an actor, 13 years as a writer and director and more than 10 years experience teaching and coaching actors, Michael has developed a keen ability to understand and know what each of his students needs to focus on. Michael understands that no two actors are a like and developing an individual relationship with each of his students is the key to helping them develop tools to get more in touch with themselves, which ultimately helps to develop self confidence.

Email Michael today to set up your interview and get started developing your technique classes@michaelknowles.com


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Technique/Exercise Workshop
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